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Your swim program is FANTASTIC! I just can't believe what my 3 year old has learned! I look forward to re-enrolling her and starting her younger sister next summer!

- Laura H.

I was very hesitant to spend the money, especially for two kids, but it is worth every penny! My boys now LOVE swimming and want to do it every day. We're so grateful! Thanks!

-Renee B.



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This is what you get…

First-time Swimmers

(Varies with age)

  • Hold breath under water

  • Get to stairs by holding on to the side of the pool

  • Pull self out of the pool in the deep end

  • Retrieve toys under water

  • Kick legs to get to a wall if student falls in

  • Jump off the side of the pool in deep end and swim to me

  • Float with assistance

  • Swing arms and kick legs simultaneously

Some Experience

  • Swing arms and kick legs simultaneously

  • Front breath

  • Roll breath

  • Tread

  • Float

  • Move from tread to float

  • Tread, then swim to side of pool

  • Elementary backstroke

  • Dive from the side of the pool (if deep enough)

  • Retrieve toys under water with little assistance

Comfortable - Proficient

  • Elementary Backstroke

  • Breaststroke

  • Sideways breath

  • Backstroke

  • Jump Dive

  • Racing Dive

  • Retrieve toys in deep end

  • Flip turn

  • Butterfly stroke

  • Swim team prep / technique work

  • Sidestroke

  • Lifesaving rescues


Serving Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and North Phoenix
  • Private (one instructor, one swimmer)

Private (one instructor, one swimmer)

$ 500


Instructions on making electronic payment are provided during enrollment.


Block 1: June 2-3, 5-9

Block 2: June 12-17, 19
Block 3: June 21-23, 26-29

Block 4: July 5-8,10-12
Block 5: July 14-15, 17-21

Block 6: July 24-30


Lessons may be cancelled if you choose a time slot directly after or before lessons at another pool, because time slots must be left for the instructor to travel. Please see the video for instructions before scheduling.

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